Honeymoon in Andaman

Book cheap discounted Honeymoon Packages to Andaman from Hyderabad.

Andaman Honeymoon Packages from Hyderabad

Andaman Honeymoon Packages from Hyderabad

Andaman Honeymoon Packages from Hyderabad - Are you trying to finalize a destination for your honeymoon? And does that seem the most daunting task till date? Well, it actually is not! Just read this article and show it to your spouse -amazingly enough - you will both agree on one destination for the first time. Opt for any of our Andaman Honeymoon packages from Hyderabad and take your lover/beloved to the land of myriad surprises.

Andaman Islands are one of the most scenic places in India and some of the beaches are so pristine till date that you will not even realize that you are on an Indian beach. The atmosphere on these islands acts as a perfect ambience for cultivating LOVE - the breeding ground for every marriage.

The best thing about Andaman honeymoon package from Hyderabad is that it does not burn your pockets deep. It is quite an economical deal that will come at an unbelievable price and would leave ineffaceable memories. Andaman Islands welcome the tourists to their virgin beaches and witness the togetherness silently. Whether you are a sports freak or a silent admirer of natural beauty - the islands hold something for everyone. Plan your days as per your mood because time comes on a standstill at these beaches.

You may either choose to keep lazing around on the beach or may enjoy snorkeling. These islands offer unique fun and frolic to everyone very much in the way they would prefer. Not only the activities and the sunbathe at the beach but the islands even have the following few places to visit.

Parrot Island
If you are an avid bird lover - you must visit this place located near Baratang. Your eco-tourism spree would come to a satisfactory halt at the Parrot Island. This island acts as a natural habitat for parrots and one can view thousands of parrots at sunset that start returning back to their home. If you love nature, you would simply find this as quite an awe-inspiring site.

Corbyn's Cove
This is one of the most pleasant places to be at once one has reached Andaman. The sand at the beach is so soft that the moment you step on it, tranquility starts flowing on its own. The beach is quite near to Port Blair and houses swanky coconut palms. The lush green palms with the backdrop of blue water seem so much like a poster shoot setting. The beach in itself seems so inviting that everyone would love to return back to it to spend some more time. Then, the water sports also add to the fun. Does that not sound a perfect place for the honeymooners to be?

Cellular Jail
This is one of the oldest historical monuments of India, located at Aberdeen, close to Port Blair. It took the British 14 years to build this jail, as this is where they wanted to imprison the freedom fighters of India who revolted against the British rule in 1857. If you can recall - the Bollywood movies in 70s used to refer to a prison named Kalapani - it's the same jail. The prisoners sent to this jail could never return to the mainland hence the name.

Ross / North bay (coral island) - As the very name suggests, the island houses various corals of different shapes and sizes and is a wonderful visual treat for aqua lovers. This island is known as an ideal place to be at for enjoying Snorkeling.

Mount Harriet - This honeymoon trip would completely satisfy the nature loving self of yours if you sneak a peak into Mt. Harriet, which is a lush forest amidst the islands. Located at a one-hour drive distance from Port Blair, it takes a ferry ride to reach this thick forest.

Havelock Island - And then there is this island that is a proud home to the Radha Nagar beach, which enjoys the status of being 'the best beach in Asia' by the Time magazine. The island also has a lot to offer to eco-tourists. Furthermore, the water sports activities at the island would truly entice the sporty self of yours. Right from Scuba Diving to Snorkeling and from Trekking to Fishing one may pick his/her chose from a wide range of activities at the island. It is thus advisable to stay for at least 3 days at the island to be able to enjoy all these activities. A Mangrove Safari also is a must have during your stay at the island for nowhere else can you get to see such thickly forested Mangroves. Local fishermen accompany you in a speedboat to this safari from where, you can directly move on to fishing.

Elephanta beach-This is the most ideal place for Snorkeling, given the fact that the beach houses the Best coral in abundance. A huge part of this beach was swept away by the Tsunami that hit the shores in 2004 however the remains do hold the earlier charm as it was. Trekking can also be a good option if one chooses to trek alone from Radha Nagar beach and reaches Elephant beach that lies towards the North of Radha beach.

Andaman Water Sports Complex
Given the fact that most of the tourists visiting the Andaman Islands for a Honeymoon trip love to explore the water sports; the tourism development corporation developed a notable sports complex. The one of its own kind in the country, this complex gives way to an assorted range of daring water sports. The complex offers facilities like water skiing; sail boats, rowing boats, water scooters and Para sailing. This complex is situated in close proximity to Cellular Jail and is at the northwestend of Port Blair, the capital town.

Is that so much to see in one go? Feeling excited right away? Just book your Andaman Honeymoon package from Hyderabad and leave the planning part to us. We will take care of your travel to and fro and stay. You just get ready for making memories!

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