Honeymoon in Andaman

Know more on Port Blair as a tourism and travel destination in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Port Blair

Port Blair, Andaman

Port Blair - If being on isolated islands during your Andaman trip has bored you to an extent and you want to splurge back to city life, Port Blair is the destination for you. Like any other small city in India, Port Blair has that urban touch with a tinge of primitivism to it. The city befits all the norms of being a popular tourist destination and houses an assorted range of people from diverse cultural groups. If one had to see a live example of cultural adaptability in India, port Blair is the best place to be at

Romantic Getaway
The city has something in stock for everyone. Right from leisure visitors to newly-wed couples, all enjoy interesting places, vast beaches, small islands and local bazaars at Port Blair Andaman.

Did you ever fancy holding the hand of your beloved in a foreign land and walking past the city praising its picturesque landscape, with the sea adding soft music to your ears in the backdrop? If yes, visit Port Blair and walk around this pristine city, the memories of which will stay in your memory forever and ever. However, do not forget to recognize certain landmarks as they will help you reach back safely for most of the lanes and by-lanes will appear just the same owing to their steep hills. Auto rickshaw drivers also would try to fleece you if they realize that you have lost your way so better pretend otherwise.

The beach cosset to the city that has added further to the revenue of Port Blair Tourism is Corbyn's Cove. The most interesting activity at this beach is watching the sunset from here though locals flock the beach for swimming even. But novice swimmers must not dare swimming on the beach for the currents here are extremely high at times. This beach also got swept away by the 2004 tsunami yet its beauty has been attracting the visitors since the onset of Port Blair travel.

Some other must visit points at port Blair include Ross Island and an island known for housing an active volcano namely the Barren Island. If all the historic places at the Port Blair Island were to be included in the itinerary, a one-week trip would suffice. Aberdeen Bazaar is another quite known place for hanging around and shopping for locally made souvenirs to carry back home. Cellular Jail is also quite a sight on the island for it has a strong historic significance to it since British rule in India. Another quite an interesting place to see at Port Blair island is the Japanese bunkers that date back to World War II and were built by the Japanese army.

How to get there
Various flights now connect Andaman to the mainland cities in India. The airport at the Port Blair city is connected by this fleet of regular flights. The airport namely Vir Savarkar is also fairly equipped with a large hall and is well connected to the city by local transport network including buses, autos and taxis. Several ships also ferry passengers from Chennai to Port Blair but the journey is longer and quite hectic. It usually takes 2-3 days but in high tides, the ship voyage may take even longer.

Despite all this information on Port Blair Tourism options, it is always better to opt for tour packages offered by several tour operators so that all the bookings can be done in advance and the travelers are left to enjoy the trip to its fullest and to go back with unlimited number of memorable moments.

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